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Immersive, educational 4D virtual field trips For K-8 Students

What To Expect


360° Video Journeys

Interactive, educational videos with built-in learning tools designed to keep your explorers engaged.

•Guiding Hotspots
•360° VR Mode
•Creative Content

Load 3D Model


4D holograms

Spark your imagination like never before while posing for fun pictures.

•10 Per Adventure.
•No Headset.
•No App Downloads.


Thinking Quizzes

Dynamic quizzes that adapt their difficulty as explorers answer questions



Sail Through Google Earth Voyages

Follow our trails or get lost on purpose to create your own adventure.

•360° PhotoSpheres
•Satellite Views



Digital activities and games to help explorers learn in different ways

•Vocabulary Building
•Reading & Writing
•Memory Training

tools for success


Conquer Quests.
Collect Badges.
Earn Points.

We motivate explorers with positive feedback loops, building a strong work ethic.

•Social Profiles


A Virtual Gift Shop

Use gold and gems you earn to get real souvenirs from around the world

•Built Into Field Trips
•Physical Souvenirs
•Easy Redemption


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Parent Portal
🔎Special Needs
🔖Activity Logs

We keep your data safe and information private while providing you the tools to succeed.

•Kid Safe Content
•Accessibility Tools
•Permission Slips

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Everything is Gamified

Explorers earn rewards.

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Secure Platform

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