Get ready for a virtual adventure through the African savannah! Start with an educational video journey with stunning footage of your favorite creatures or switch to immersive 360 VR mode and get closer than ever before.

Afterward, you’ll transform your room into the Africa savannah by bringing holograms of lunging lions, ziggy zebras, enormous elephants, and seven other animals to life using your iPad or mobile phone. Get super close, analyze their anatomy, ‘touch’ them, and don’t forget to take awesome pictures!

Now that you’re on your feet, the next step is to get a birds-eye view of Africa! Go on a google earth scavenger hunt where you’ll explore water holes, famous national parks, and other landmarks, powered by live streams. But it doesn’t stop there! Tune your engines with digital workbooks that will have you speaking basic Swahili, expanding your safari vocabulary, and sharpening your short-term memory.

Understand like a global citizen as we break down Africa into bite-sized first principles covering geography, country profiles, local culture, languages, economics, and history for you to truly understand and empathize with a foreign world.

Throughout your entire journey, you’ll enjoy stunning photography provided by Christian Del Rosario, a professional UN wildlife photographer, and end with a short video from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to learn how you can help save baby elephants and rhinos.

Explorers are motivated to complete quests to collect badges and can earn gold to redeem a ZooCard, other souvenirs or save for their next virtual field trip.

Join us on a one-of-a-kind virtual field trip today! Perfect for grades K-3 and COVID-19 homeschoolers, included with a Zoptiks membership.

Countries Covered

Google Earth Voyage

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    There are quite a few mistakes in this product. My students just found another one in the crossword puzzle, number 2 down is incorrect. There are also quite a few typos in the comprehension piece.

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    Extremely satisfied.

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    This is such a wonderful resource and I cannot wait to share the virtual field trips with all of my students. As soon as we return from spring break, I will share with the students. I have already started reviewing them and I am just so excited to be able to see the students faces once we are back both in-person and virtual. Thank you, for creating such an amazing resource that has me as the teacher excited to want to do the field trips on my own and as a teacher too.

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    Perhaps it is meant only for K and 1, but it only gave very few usable passages for my second grader. I was very disappointed because of the cost of the bundle. It would have been beneficial to have additional previews before purchase.

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    We have students in person with a camera rolling all day for students that are home. This meets the needs of every situation we have. Some parts, you can share your screen and do it together. Other parts, you can have the student go off on their own. Love it. Fantastic value.

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    During distance education this provided a great motivating way for me to continue our Fun Friday virtually. The students always worked hard to complete all their assignments and get them turned in because they wanted to earn their \\\”ticket\\\” for the field trip.

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    There are quite a few mistakes in this product. My students just found another one in the crossword puzzle, number 2 down is incorrect. There are also quite a few typos in the comprehension piece.

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    This is my absolute favorite thing I have ever bought.The field trips have been amazing for my class, especially during distance learning! Zero prep, with fun, engaging activitie and videos. My class feels like they\\\’ve been able to travel around the world, even though we are all actually stuck at home. BUY THIS!! You won\\\’t regret it.

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    I can not express how excited my students I are to travel to new places with these virtual field trips. They are so engaging and well made! Thank you for adding some excitement to this challenging year!

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    Some of the slides were too hard for my second graders, but it was easy to just delete slides I didn’t need and assign the ones that were relevant.

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    My class went on a field trip for the week! SO MUCH FUN! They were in heaven! I was in heaven! Fun learning and engaging activities and the kids were obsessed! GREAT RESOURCE!

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    Love the variety in the trips. Some content is a bit challenging for my second graders, however, I am able to edit and make any needed modifications to the prepared trips so that they are still as educational and enjoyable as independent activities. Thank you for all of your hard work on this resource. I love that there are premade Seesaw options!

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Video Journeys
▪African Safari Trivia Tester
▪The African Safari With Holograms
▪The African Safari in 360 VR
Start Off On An Immersive Video Journey, In 2D or 360VR
Zoptiks africansafari
4D Holograms
▪Ziggy Zebras
▪Silent Giraffes
▪Amazing African Lions
▪Humongous Hippos
▪Enormous Elephants
▪Robust Rhinos
▪Cranky Crocodiles
▪Cheeky Cheetahs
▪Wonky Wildebeasts
▪Leaping Leopards
Bring 10 Safari Creatures To Life For An Amazing PhotoShoot
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Exploration Stations
▪The Wildlife of Africa
Discover The African Savannah With Satellite Views And Livestreams
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Interactive Workbooks
▪Matching Game!
▪Speak Swahili
▪Safari Word Search
▪African Safari Trivia Tester
Learn Swahili, Understand New Vocabulary And Try Dynamic Trivia
Screen shot 2021 08 30 at 9. 41. 09 pm
Plug and Play Lessons
▪Learn About Africa! (K-2)
▪African Explained (3-5)
▪West African Empires (6-8)
Teach Your Students About Africa, Aligned With Common Core, NGSS and NCSS Standards
David sheldrick wildlife trust 870x480 1 medium
Time To Fly Home
▪Christian Del Rosario Photography
▪‍♂️ The Sheldrick Trust
▪Leave a Review
Support Wildlife Conservation and Book A Real Life African Safari
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▪Earn up to 250 gold
▪Certificate of Completion
▪Wildlife Savior Badge
▪Safari Explorer Quest
Earn Gold To Get Awesome Souvenirs
  • A Mac or PC computer with access to the internet via a modern browser such as Google Chome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • Holograms require a compatible mobile or tablet device running iOS or Android, with one of the modern browsers listed above installed. Interactive 3D versions of the holograms can still be accessed via your browser.
  • 360 virtual reality can be accessed directly within the browser, however immersive mode requires a mobile device or electronic headset.
  • Social features require the explorer to be above 13 years old or must have a parent/guardian complete a virtual permission slip per COPPA guidelines.
  • A valid email address is required to create and manage your account. A valid shipping address is not required to sign up but is required to receive souvenirs.
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