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For K-8 Students

We help your explorers create a life built for the 21st century.


For Parents

Need to keep you kids occupied and get some work done?

Worried about your homeschooler or special needs kid?

No worries, we got your back.


For Educators

Whether you're virutal, hybrid or in person, rural or low income. Enjoy affordable next gen assets to take your curriculum to the next level.

Inspire, motivate and spark the imaginations of your students.


For Hospitals

Break the train of white coats and transform your children's hospital to the playground of their imaginations.

Take their mind off of the pain, while letting them learn.

-Special Needs Friendly
-Highly Accessible


For Foster care

Support disadvantaged students by providing the opprotunity to spark their imaginations.

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Everything is Gamified

Explorers earn rewards.

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Secure Platform

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