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Say goodbye to crowded classrooms and cookie-cutter curriculums. Boost your income, support your local community and find your passion for teaching again.

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Did someone say enrichment? Introducing 4D Virtual Field TripsFrom the African Safari to Outer Space. There's something for all K-12 explorers.

Bring The 🦒Giraffe Into Your Room

No app downloads or headsets.
3D on laptops, 4D on iPads & smartphones.
Great for photoshoots & visualizations.

10+ holograms just like this in every field trip, scan the QR code to try!

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Eagle - Daily Enrichment

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Expand your perspective beyond what is possible in a traditional classroom setting, foster curiosity, and gain a deeper understanding of the world

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Try our easy-to-use platform for setting up, managing, and delivering personalized education to students.

For Parents

Provides opportunities for small group learning, collaboration and project-based learning, which fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Easily create and manage their school's schedule, curriculum, attendance, and communication with parents and students.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A microschool is a type of school that is smaller in size, more flexible and allows for personalized learning. It usually consists of a group of students, often from different grade levels, meeting in a non-traditional setting, such as a home, community center, or online. Microschools often focus on project-based learning and individualized instruction.

A virtual field trip is a type of educational experience that allows students to explore different parts of the world or learn about a subject without leaving the classroom. These field trips are accessed via the internet and typically combine video, audio, and interactive features (like our holorgrams) to provide a unique learning experience.

Virtual field trips can be used to explore locations that may be difficult or unsafe to visit in person, as well as places that may not be accessible to all students for practical reasons. They offer a valuable educational opportunity that enhances traditional teaching methods, providing students with a more engaging and memorable learning experience.

Our bundled pricing plans provide hefty discounts and are configured to give you the best value & experience on our platform. However, each app can be individually subscribed to, so you can pick what you want to use.

On top of that, most of our apps have a free plan that lets you try what we have to offer. Our goal is to be your edtech backbone for the long haul.

Zoptiks as a whole is built to be a secure child safe environment. We comply with GDPR, COPPA, FERPA & our "Health" app is HIPPA compliant. We practice data minimalism and only collect the data needed to operate. Moreover, certain features require a 'virtual permission slip' from a parent or guardian for children under 13. Zoptiks is meant to be part of your student's entire education lifecycle from elementary to the workforce.

Note: Data collected by individual microschools, such as through student admissions or surveys is subject to that specific microschool's data policies. 

95% of our platform is accessible with any device with an internet connection. Our holograms require a compatible Android or iOS device. If you don't have a compatible augmented reality device, our holograms will still work on your computer screen as an interactive 3D model.

Check if your Android device is compatible.

Check if your iOS device is compatible.

We're constantly creating articles, guides, and videos to help you achieve your goals but don't let that keep you from asking for help.

Reach out via email, the support ticket portal, live chat or your ambassador and we'll get your problem solved.

With microschools popping up all over the world, we see a whole lot of different needs from all kinds of customers. In fact, we have a dedicated roadmap for you to submit a request. We aim to create the best edtech solution for educators, students, eduprenuers & schools worldwide.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, lucky for you we are a community drive platform. The best place to start is to subscribe to our free newsletter. You'll stay in the loop for everything Zoptiks.

Asides from that we suggest you try out a few virtual field trips and watch videos to see how everything works. When you're ready, reach out to sales or sign up for a plan and you'll be onboarded onto the platform.

We find that most people take 2-3 weeks to get comfortable with our platform & apps.

We're here to answer them. If you have a question, then other people will probably have the same one as well.

We recommend checking out our frequently asked questions page or finding the specific product you have a question about in our Library. You'll be able to find questions people have asked in the details of each product (or you can ask them yourself there). 

If that doesn't help feel free to reach out via our live chat on the Zoptiks helpdesk, send us a message via our contact form, or send us an email

If you're already a member, feel free to submit a ticket in your client portal.